Ann Patterson

The Dixie Swim Club
Written by-​..Jessie Jones,
 Nicholas Hope 
and Jamie Wooten.

 Produced through special arrangement with 
The Dramatist Play Service new rights applied for new dates
Sherryl Wynne
Lolly Boroff
Vicki Hamilton
Naomi Olson
Pictured the cast from the 2012 production from left Vicki Hamilton, Naomi Olson, Lolly Boroff, Sheryl Wynne and Marnie Klein. The Ocean Beach Playhouse in San Diego, Ca August 2012 and The Sunshine Brooks Theatre in Oceanside, Ca.
Cast as Sheree-Elouise Potomac
Lexie will be played by Dena Mattox
Dinah portrayed by  Milena Phillips
Vernadette will be played by Dori Salois and Pati Reynolds as Jeri Neal

Photograph by Found Creative Studio

From left-Pati Reynolds, Milena Phillips, Dori Salois, 
Elouise Potomac, and Dena Mattox  cast from 
2013 and 2014 production
The Dixie Swim Club 2011 opened at The AVO Playhouse in Vista, Ca July 2011 with (from left)...Sandy Agan, Sharon Kloosterman, Lailani Dana, Joanne Kissinger and
 Naomi Olson.
Audience members from Gold Star:

review of The Dixie Swim Club on October 25, 2013....Absolutely outstanding. Wonderful play and actors knocked it out of the park.
member’s review of The Dixie Swim Club on October 25, 2013....Great set, acting and story line. Kept my interest the entire show.

 review of The Dixie Swim Club on October 25, 2013..Fun! Witty! Great cast, well performed, enjoyable evening. 40 somethings and above will really appreciate this play. Great date night...

member review of The Dixie Swim Club on October 25, 2013....This was a really neat show! The actresses were terrific and the play, itself, is really good. Lots of funny lines, true to life...

We are happy to announce the return of the hilarious The Dixie Swim Club By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten. 
​The Lamplighters will produce this comedy opening July 1, 2016 directed by Jerry Pilato, produced by Judy Hughes  at The Lamplighters Theatre in La Mesa....a Lamplighters Theatre production.....(619) 303-5092
The DIXIE SWIM CLUB (2013) returns February 14-22, 2014 on  The Swedenborg Hall stage.  
Different Stages history of The Dixie Swim Club