Show plays June 20 - June 28


“The Brothers Lipschitz” is a wheels-within-wheels black comedy. Two brothers, Jack, a marriage counselor, who has never been married and Al, a Pulitzer Prize winning Historian, who is a bit of flake invite two very strange women to dinner. What happens next will keep you guessing to the very end.

The play was written by Paul-David Halem who plays Jack Lipschitz (his mother’s real maiden name) in what can only be described as dinner with the oddest couple. A few years ago Paul commented to his acting friend, Jim Clevenger, who plays Al Lipschitz, that they really looked like brothers. From that realization, came the idea to write a play where they were brothers. Hence “The Brothers Lipschitz” was born. 

In November of last year, this off off beat comedy had its World Premier at the Broadway Theatre in Vista. You will be seeing the original cast recreate the original production for its San Diego Premier at Different Stages.
"For those of you familiar with The Big Brother reality television show, their mantra is expect the unexpected. Going into this play, you may have no expectations and that's its strongest element. The unexpected. Not knowing what the heck is going to happen next. This play is crazy. Filled with twists and turns to add to the wackiness. Add in talented actors and you have an enjoyable evening out."

Kathy Carpenter