Written by Edward J. Moore with direction by Mark Robertson.

August 2014.

Originally produced at New York's Circle Rep, this tender, ribald, and complex love story is set in a waterfront bar where seaman Harry Bales spends his shore leave. "The Sea Horse" is run by Gertrude Blum, with whom Harry enjoys a purely physical relationship; they have never shared their private yearnings. Gertrude has encased her heart behind a facade of toughness following a failed marriage. Now Harry has a dream; he wants to buy a charter fishing boat and to have a son. The play progresses through a ritual courtship as these two outwardly abrasive characters fight, make up, fight again, spin dreams, deflate them, make love and reveal their locked up secrets.

"I was touched close to tears." - The Village Voice

"A must! An incredible love story. A beautiful play!" - Newhouse Newspapers

Featured in the cast are  San Diego actors Lucinda Moaney and Brian Burke.

Jerry Pilato- Producer
Terrie Cassidy- Costume Designer
Kristin Flores- Set Designer
Megan Flye- Props Designer
Carla Nell- Sound Designer
George Spelvin- Lighting Designer
Annie Goodale- Stage Manager
Nola St. Name- Assistant Director

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