You have found yourself at the new theatrical group Different Stages in San Diego County: not to be confused with any other "Different Stages" group in the continental USA.  As the name implies we perform at different venues in San Diego County; but we claim The Hall at the historical Swedenborgian Church our home. We present not only thought provoking theatre but also off the wall and over the top that should  bring much laughter and discussion!  
Mailing Address:
Jerry Pilato/Different Stages

Opening our 2014-2015 season...

The Sea Horse By Edward J. Moore
Directed By Mark Robertson
Featuring.... Lucinda Moaney and Brian Burke

August 9-23  Tickets now on sale.
Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. 

This tender, ribald, and complex love story is set in a waterfront bar where seaman Harry Bales spends his shore leave. "The Sea Horse" is run by Gertrude Blum, with whom Harry enjoys a purely physical relationship; they have never shared their private yearnings. Gertrude has encased her heart behind a facade of toughness following a failed marriage. Now Harry has a dream; he wants to buy a charter fishing boat and to have a son. The play progresses through a ritual courtship as these two outwardly abrasive characters fight, make up, fight again, spin dreams, deflate them, make love and reveal their locked up secrets.

"I was touched close to tears." - The Village Voice

"A must! An incredible love story. A beautiful play!" - Newhouse Newspapers
We are happy to announce the return of the hilarious The Dixie Swim Club By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten.  Who will the "girls" be this go around....August 8-29, 2015  at The Hall in San Diego! Produced through special arrangement with The Dramatist Play Service.
Opening September 13 a San Diego premier of David Mamet's RACE.

Multiple Award-winning playwright/director David Mamet tackles America's most controversial topic in a provocative new tale of sex, guilt and bold accusations. Two lawyers find themselves defending a wealthy white executive charged with raping a black woman. When a new legal assistant gets involved in the case, the opinions that boil beneath explode to the surface. When David Mamet turns the spotlight on what we think but can't say, dangerous truths are revealed, and no punches are spared.

This play is geared for adults due to language and situations.  Over 18.