August 16-31, 2013
            Directed by James P. Darvas
                The Swedenborg Hall
                Produced through special arrangement 
with Dramatist Play Service
Playing at 
The Ocean Beach Playhouse 
July 20-28, 2013
December 7-21,2013

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues by Jeff Goode

(leave the kids at home)!
Produced through special arrangement with 
Samuel French, Inc.  
CLOSED April 2013!
​See a short video of the play.....
The Dixie Swim Club October 2013
February 2014
The Dixie Swim Club July 2011
The DixieSwim Club August 2012
June 2012
April 2014
Directed By George Bailey
October/November 2012
From Left....Amy, Clifford, Tim, Maelyn, 
Ed and Matthew
     Somewhere In Between
Kristen Fogel and George Bailey -
directors, Somewhere In Between

By David Mamet
The Dixie Swim Club (Lamplighters Theatre) 2016